Saturday, August 16, 2008

Talk with Gunes about our projects

gunestan: (21:31)
Kostya this is Gunes are we getting ready for teleportation don't forget me

Kostya: (21:31)
Hi Gunes!

gunestan: (21:31)
how are you

Kostya: (21:34)
I'm great! I am going to work more at my project with making Klaus Joehle books on love popular in the world. A project I was working on in Moscow with my friends is closed and I will switch into my long-playing project.
as for teleportation -- Denisov is out of city and lesson is canceled.

gunestan: (21:34)
how wonderful is there anything I can do to help you Kostya. ok if lesson cancelled

Kostya: (21:35)
thanks for coming! You are the first to get in touch with me this week:)
I'm looking for ways to make a big American publisher publish "Living on Love - The Messenger" book by Klaus Joehle. It is very good, people like you and me love it.
it's now free online

gunestan: (21:37)
I will look into them

Kostya: (21:38)
The book is in English. I've translated it into Russian

gunestan: (21:41)
Kostya I have a mind energy techinque that gives wonderful amazing results I call it ARTT Akashic records transformation technique
would you like to look at may website just click the english word enter

Kostya: (21:46)
yes, will look. Thanks for the link!

gunestan: (21:46)
ok see you next saturday

Kostya: (21:47)
I'm not sure about next Saturday. Looks like I'll go to a fest my friends are doing. this is page from last year

gunestan: (21:48)
ok how will I know when

Kostya: (21:48)
I will post notice in teleportation blog
I will subscribe you to my teleportation lessons newsletter

gunestan: (21:51)
thank you

Erasing clouds

About a month ago I talked to Aubrey who wanted to learn teleportation and adviced her to do one of the energy exercises -- erasing smalles clouds. Here is what she wrote to me on June 23, 2008:

"Kostya, I can finally say that I have tried erasing clouds. My results are good from what I have done.. I can't say that I have it down path.. All I can say is that I tried and it worked.. When I did it I was trying to figure out if it was me erasing them or the wind.. To answer this question I took a lock of clouds and pick one in the middle.. Seeing if I can make just that one (the middle one) erase.. In all that time I did.. Seeing I could make the middle one erase. Knowing the wind didn't do it because the wind would have taking them all.. I just took one.. In all this I thank you for introducing me into this..


I've learned about this exercise at Boris Zolotov seminars. Everybody would be learning it there. I was also returning to it time from time.

Denisov is proposed to be taught telekinesis

Dear Cody,

Nikolay Denisov asked me to send you a reply. Sorry for being so slow with this.
Your proposal to teach him telelecinesis sounded interesting for him.

You are welcome to join our online teleportation classes. More details at

Also I'm subscribing you to my email newsletter "Denisov Teleportation news".

Kostya Kovalenko

----- Original Message -----
From: Cody
Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2008 1:09 PM
Subject: Teleportation

Dear Nikolay,

I have telekintic abilities, my future goals are to achieve levitation and teleportation. If you teach me your techniques I will take it a step further then teleporting small objects, I will fulfil your dreams and master self teleportation, in return if you teach me your techniques i'll teach you the technique you desire. The beginning is near, join me in our journey.

Master Cody

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Online teleportation lesson #3 - postponed

Online teleportation lesson #3 will be on Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 22:00 (10 p.m.) Moscow time. You can see Moscow time at the top right corner of this blog.


Sorry, guys, there will be no lesson today. I just talked in ooVoo to Marina Kaspirova (she is Denisov's partner and she is also teaching seeing with eyes covered and researches the later and lucid dreams [video with her in Russian]) and she said Denisov is out of city for the whole weekend.
I'm not surprized. First -- it's very hot weather in Moscow. And second -- no English speaking teleportation students have gotten in touch with me in previous week.

Well, the videos from lesson #2 make a very good instructional video and you, probably, need time to think about it...
Stay tuned in for updates.

Youtube teleportation talk

A talk from youtube comments.

post a video showing an actual teleportation

I wrote more about this in my blog. But here is a short version:
1. Teleportation technology is not at demo stage yet. Trying to demo it creates more tension to the person and makes it harder.
2. We made an attemp to shoot demo, but even the best teleportation-operator was unable to produce a result.
3. On this stage we are not trying to prove it to those who think it can't be done. We're interesed in working with those who know it's possible.

thanks for replying. i like the idea of it, but i have researched it alot and cant see how it is possible. have you seen it done? can you do it? and can the best in the world at it port themselves?? cheers

1. it doesn't matter if I've seen it done or whether I can do it -- if you and Franky can learn it in a couple of months or even in a year.
2. no, they can't teleport themseves on purpose yet.
But -- teleporting coins first happened not on purpose and now guys have learned to do it.
And it's known that there are people who not intentionally teleported themselves. We want to reproduce this too.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Using your brain to full capacity

Hispanicfajita has sent you a message on YouTube.

I'm sure you get a lot of messages about this. There are many people who think it's fake and I seem to question except for one thing. I don't know what it is but everything that I look at, I take a deeper look than normal people. I notice things people don't. Teleportation. Who is to say I can't do that. Using your brain to full capacity. It's a difficult thing to explain how I am. My outlook of everything, the noticing of things, or the feeling of rebel against how the laws of life. I was wondering if you can give me more information on this. Thank you

Monday, August 11, 2008

Q&A: lessons in text mode?

Comment to teleportation video Real teleportation-5. Nikolay Denisov teaches online from alexrox698 (13 years old, from UK, likes video games, wants to become a Marine).


will there be a bit where he types something so you can read and learn, because what if you don't have a webcam?


No, Alex, not on this stage. Right now you need a webcam to join online teleportation lesson. But maybe in 10 years from now they will teach it in schools.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sai Baba also uses teleportation

Quick thought:

I remember reading an article by devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, where the author was sharing his research: when Sai Baba "manifests" a stone, a jewel or a watch -- it's really teleportation, not "manifesting from thin air".

Isn't it exciting that teleportation is possible now for a person like you and me?

Ethical side to teleportation

A lot of people get startled when they hear that Nikolay Denisov teaches teleporting coins. "Isn't it stealing?" -- ask they.

Denisov has an answer to such questions. He says to this person to "get the coin that lays on the sidewalk somewhere". He does so in this video:

As to the big picture, I believe that revolutionary research like this will bring revolutionary results to our society. Capitalism, as we know it, will be gone. On its place will come a new kind of society. We can still have the money -- in electronic form. But it will not be possible to accumulate too many phisical items.

I don't see this society yet, but I'm sure humanity will come up with good way of organizing itself.

But what I'm sure about is: it's not ethical to stop practical teleportation research in sake of preserving phisical money system.

Video from teleportatation lesson #2 - Aug 9, 2008

Enjoy this video from August 9, 2008 online teleportation lesson by Nikolay Denisov.

Lesson is almost 1 hour long. At the end 2 persons report having more coins than at the beginning of the lesson.

Parts to Teleportation process

I like how Denisov explained it tonight. See below.

Teleportation process:

1. Creating a model of what we want to happen

a. pick an object
b. pick where this object comes from
c. pick where this object comes to

2. Using your energy to power your model

a. gathering all your energy
b. reaching the higest vibration possible

Tomorrow I will put online a video where he says this.

Last lesson review

Lesson went well. This time we had more people than we could take, so we had to leave several persons behind. (Sorry, guys! Thanks for your understanding!)

There were a lot of questions to Nikolay Denisov, he was giving good answers. I recorded video and will put it online tomorrow for you to see.

Denisov asked everybody to leave messages in our Teleportation forum and 2 persons already have written their stories:

IbnMorgan: "Today I took the online class with Nikolay and Kostya. I accomplished, with there methods, teleporting a dime. I was aiming for a quarter, but instead got a dime. I must have not been consentrating hard enough. But one thing is for certain I teleporeted a coin."

Gunes Tan: "I joined the teleportation class done on the 9th of August 2008. This was my first time. I was very excited and I had no idea about how it was done. after we did the application I found an extra 1 lira (turkish) on the table, I had aimed for a 25 kurus (turkish quarter).

I felt the energy vortex on my crown chakra was very strong. One of the guys said that he felt weak that his energy level went down but I didn't feel weak afterwards just a tingling sensation continueing on top of my head and a slight pain. I am so excited it's amazing. My whole body is sort of vibrating right now."

They are the persons who managed to produce a result. They, Denisov and me were very happy about it. See it in a video tomorrow!

In a Moscow park

Today I had very good time in Kolomenskoye park at South of Moscow. It used to be a property of Russian Tsar and now it is turned to a beautiful park:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Online teleportation lesson today

So, guys, today, Saturday August 9, 2008 we're going to have another online teleportation lesson by Nikolay Denisov. At 22:00 (10 p.m.) Moscow time. See a clock with Moscow time at top right corner of this blog.

Check your time!

Also you can use these sites:

Energy Vortexes in Klaus Joehle book

Yesterday I had a video talk with a person who said he found me and got interested because of Energy Vortexes that I mentioned when translating Denisov's instructions in online teleportation lesson.

On this subject you may find extremely interesting a book "Living on Love - The Shameful Secret" by my friend Klaus Joehle. He shares a lot of information on Energy Vortexes there -- information that he found in a hard way. The book is available online for free and also can be bought at Amazon.

What is an Energy Vortex? - a place where light and darkness meet

From "Few words before we start" in "The Shameful Secret" by Klaus Joehle:

  • If we look towards light we see light, if we turn around we see shadows. That should tell you something; see its something you never thought of is it? Its there every day and you don’t see it but it affects everything you do and by not realizing that its there and what it means is that the experience you we have will be that of confusion. What this means is that we do not live in the light and we do not live in the darkness but we live where they meet right in the middle. Now you understand why it’s all so confusing like they’re are always opposing forces working one way as you go the other. Its an explosive place where its hard to tell with way is up. There is a balance and yet there is none. Best of all there is two of everything. When I say light and darkness I am not referring to good and evil just to two opposing forces of contrast. That’s what makes this place so interesting it is seemingly built on and colossal contrast.

Gunesh wants to come to Moscow to learn Teleportation

Hi everybody!

Yesterday I've heard from a Gunesh (a healer from Turkey) that she wants to come to Moscow herself, also bring her American friends -- and stay as long as it takes to learn teleportation and seeing with eyes covered from Mr. Denisov's lessons.

Was very nice to hear that, Gunesh!

I've told Gunesh that teaching Seeing with eyes covered is well developed technology and any person can learn this (it's espessially easy for kids). Teaching teleportation is still in research phase, but the fact that Gunesh is familiar with Energy Works makes it easier for her to learn Teleportation.

Well, looks like we need to think of a best way to teleportation training to international folks in Moscow. May be it would be easier to set up in Kiev, Ukraine -- you don't need a visa to visit Ukraine. Need to talk to Denisov about it.

Teleportation or Bi-location?

slooash has sent you a message on YouTube:

Was watching your video. I'm not sure what you mean by teleportation. Sorry. Do you mean bi-location?
Thank you

Dear T, when I say "Teleportation" -- I mean that an object dissapears at location A and appears at location B. Think of a coin that dissapears in one room and appears at another room.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Teleportation course. How to study it?


Dear Kostya,

I and and a friend are interested in the Teleporation Mr Denisov is teaching. I tried reaching Mr Denisov on line but was unable to. So I am contacting you. We are researching consciousness and facilitating instantaneous healings by shifting into deep Theta and Delta brainwave states. And are currenlty working on creating a space where people could come to open up to their infinite potential. My friend has been extremely interested in teleportation and I must say that it catches my interest as well. Please let us know the various ways that it would be possible for us to study the course. I thank you for your time.

Michael K.
St Petersburg FL USA


Dear Michael, thanks for your message!
What you do sounds very interesting.

> Please let us know the various way that it would be possible for us to
> study the course. I thank you for your time.

There is no "Teleportation course". Now it's rather a series of same exersises. The first one was August 2, 2008, next one will be August 9, 2008 at 22:00 Moscow time.

"next online teleportation training will be Saturday August 9, 2008, 22:00 (10 p.m.) Moscow time (GMT+3). Check the time at this skypecast -- it's scheduled at the exactly same time."

You are welcome to attend. Here is what you need for it.

(I will not be at the above skypecast. I will be at ooVoo.)

How to charge your body with energy?


I was jsut wondering is there a way to charge my body with energy?


Dear Aubrey, I think yoga and meditation would be a good shot. Also today Tim told me about sun-gazing. After sungazing he eats very little. Tim, what site on this topic would you recommend?

As for meditation -- try Love meditation from book "Living on Love - The Messenger" by my friend Klaus Joehle.

Teleportation training video recording

I began uploading video recorded during online teleportation training by Nikolay Denisov on Saturday.
Here is part 1 of 7, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Had a nice video chat with Tim from New Jersey and he told me about sungazing.
Going to sleep.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

First online teleportation training went well

From 2008-08-02-teleportation...

First online teleportation training in English went well: there was 2 participants -- Aubrey and J., but J. had some sound problems and had to disconnect. And here is text of the chat we had with Aubrey after the training:

Aubrey: (22:53)
i felt it (energy) in my legs and feet

Aubrey: (22:57)
i feel light headed (after sending the energy as a vortex to get the quater coin)

Aubrey: (23:53)
can i ask you one last thing b4 i get off? Has Denisov been able to do it?

Kostya: (23:56)
I didn't ask him that. But his thing is -- he is making other people do it. He does other people see with eyes covered, he makes other people teleport. So it's not important for me if he does see or teleport. You see my point? And his students do teleport coins.

Aubrey: (23:57)
why is he motivated to this?

Kostya: (0:00)
it excites him. To be a leader of this thing. It's interesting for him. He is very focused person. When he saw that people were able to do things with energy, and when they told him how to learn it -- he was at it fully until he mastered it

Aubrey: (0:02)
Is there any good books or other materials to read more?

Kostya: (0:03)
I have a short text by Denisov on this and I will translate it for you guys.
in Russian:

Aubrey: (0:10)
Can I ask you one last time, when I transport a quarter where does it come from?

Kostya: (0:12)
there are 2 ways:
1. it can come from any place (laying on the street, cash register, somebody's purse).
2. it can come from very specific place, like from top of the table next room. Way 2 is very advanced.
But Denisov's students do even way 2 -- with marked coins

Aubrey: (0:13)
Is it supposed to go into my purse?

Kostya: (0:14)
at first - yes. At more advanced level you can put it at specific place

Aubrey: (0:30)
HOw long is the course ?

Kostya: (0:35)
well, we plan to give several trainings in August and see how it works. My goal at this stage is PR. Because we know it works. So we want to make new things and create some buzz and get noticed. Would be great to get financing for 1-year project, where we can pay people willing to put their energy into learning teleportation. So there's no set course. Some get results very quickly but then leave... Did I answer your question?

Aubrey: (0:42)
Yes, Is there anything else that we do other than transporting a quarter?

Kostya: (0:44)
not on this stage. As I get it -- if you learn to work with a quarter -- you can do more complicated research things, like living beings (bugs) and then -- humans (yourself). Now Denisov wants to create a team to pursue more advanced goals. So at the beginning we work with quarters

Kostya: (0:44)
how do you feel now? Still tired?

Aubrey: (0:45)
I am tired right now. My feet are still cold

Kostya: (0:46)
Would be nice to drink some water. And maybe go for a walk or have a nap. Generally speaking you are now exercising your "energy muscle". So it makes stronger your ability to direct your energy

Aubrey: (0:54)
Thank you for explaining everything. I appreciate you guys teaching me. I am going to go now.

Kostya: (0:55)
thanks for participating and for interesting questions! I will post the answers online. Bye!

Aubrey: (0:55)

Here is another picture from today's online teleportation training:

From 2008-08-02-te...

So next online teleportation training will be Saturday August 9, 2008, 22:00 (10 p.m.) Moscow time (GMT+3). Check the time at this skypecast -- it's scheduled at the exactly same time.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Forum for your teleportation stories

Nikolay Denisov asked me to create a web forum where you can post your stories and your feelings after attending his online training.

Online teleportation sessions - the dates

Hi everybody! Today Nikolay Denisov and I had a chat in ooVoo and here is a gist:

1. Dates of online teleportation training sessions:

First session:

Saturday August 2, 2008, 22:00 (10 p.m.) Moscow time. Moscow is GMT+3, so it's
14:00 in New York, NY (GMT-5)
11:00 in California (GMT-8)

If you are completely lost with time zones, look for the time of this Skypecast -- it's scheduled at the exactly same time.

Second session:

Saturday August 9, 2008, 22:00 (10 p.m.) Moscow time. Check the time at this skypecast -- it's scheduled at the exactly same time.

2. We are using program. It's like Skype but you can talk to 6 persons at once -- and see them. If your free ooVoo account is older then 1 month they will ask you to pay $10 for 6-way video chat. You can pay them -- or you can just register a new login for yourself and have another 30 days of free 6-way chats.

3. When in ooVoo, search for names goldrayaug (corrected!) and kostyazen1. Add them as friends -- they are Nikolay Denisov and me.

I took this picture in Moscow art center Vinzavod:

Actual art at Vinzavod

More people want to participate in online teleportation training

I'm getting more messages:


Hi Kostya, I just called Nikolay Denisov and he said to contact you for the time of training for teleportation. I sent emails but I guess they did not go thru. Please contact me as soon as possible.
Thank You and Best to You, Tim


Thanks, I'm getting emails -- I'm just thinking how to set it all up.


Thanks for the reply! Can more than 1 person be on my side during training and still recieve the mental transmission? Or does each person need to be in front of a seperate camera?


Yes, Tim, there can be more than one on your side.


Thanks Kostya ! We look forward to the training ! Please let us know when to start!

Here is a picture I took just yesterday in the Moscow center on Red Square:

Moscow, Red Square