Saturday, June 21, 2008

Joel wants to learn teleportation


Hi my name is Joel and i wonder if the teleport is true. i mean. i really want to learn either teleportation, levitation or telekinesis. I really beg to god so i can figure how to do. i sit often home trying to focus my energy or something to make for example my ring to levitate or teleport. but i dont really know what to focus on. what do i have to think do make this work??????

I will be so happy if u reply thank you very much!


Dear Joel, I'm not teaching teleportation myself. But I did record those videos with Denisov and placed them on youtube.
He is going to conduct an online teleportation class in English. Do you want to participate?

Lada car at Moscow street

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Human Teleportation -- 2 stories from Pavel

Born in 1943, Pavel (Paul) from Moscow shared with Boris Zolotov Russian forum readers 2 teleportation stories from his life. Below is a machine translation to English by Google tool.

1. The first case occurred at my dismissal from the army in 1967. I served in Kazakhstan, Sary-Shagan, 3800 km from Moscow. The train from there is 3.5 days. At 5 p.m., I get from headquarters, with all the documents on my dismissal. Travel documents have not yet been issued to me. Leutenant Tihonchik on Java motorcycle, stopped near me and proposed a ride. I take the sit behind him and ... fall into the darkness. My condition is stunned curiosity. Still with the darkness around, I suddenly hear female voice: - "Don't make noice with your boots! It's not Vietnam here!" (I was wearing a panama hat).

My vision comes back to me and I find myself in Moscow walking near a metro station close to the building my family lived in. The time is about 8 p.m. hours (time difference between Moscow and Kazakhstan is 3 hours). With joy, I run home... And the most interesting thing I can't find any travel documents on me!

[Kostya: Pavel doesn't say directly that it was same date, but his story implies that. I shall ask him about this.]

2. I workedat the Ministry, had to go upstairs, but couldn't stand meeting a certain person on my way. Instantly I fall into darkness and then my vision comes back. I'm at unfamiliar place in the ministry and had to look out of the window to get my bearings. I found myself on 8th floor where I never wandered before.

Common feature of these human teleportation examples and Denisov teleportation experiments is strong emotional background.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Denisov invites English speakers to free online teleportation training

Hi everybody! Nikolay Denisov received several requests for distant training in teleportation from people in different countries. He began training Russian speakers over the intenet and now he is willing to begin giving free training to people speaking English. (As far as I remember, Denisov also speaks French well, so maybe this will work for French speaking people too.)

So you need to do this: download, install this program, create account in it, install webcam on your computer and send Denisov ( your details:

1. ooVoo name
2. real name -- can be just first name or first name and last name
3. your country and time zone. Moscow is GMT+3
4. At what times you can give this training one hour?

Also you will need a fast internet connection of 2500 Kb/s or faster.

This is a short gist from longer text in Russian by Nikolay Denisov. You can translate it with Google translator.

This page in Russian has more information on Nikolay Denisov.

I received no comments in this blog yet and begin to wonder if anybody reads it. Please leave a simple comment if you've read this :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm on Google -- good job!

I just did a Google search on "teleportation research" and one of the pages of this blog was on the first page of search results! Actually it was number 5! Wow! I want same result with "teleportation" search! Good job!

Shooting teleportation video

In a conversation on youtube I got a great advice from special effects specialist on how to shoot real teleportation in such a way that a specialist would tell it's not a fake.

post a video on how you do it? please?

Reason 1: youtube is full of fake teleportation videos. How will you judge real video from fake?
There are other reasons too.

well if you go to my account you can see plenty of special effects...
so if you use digital effects I'll be able to tell. thats actually my current job doing visual effects.
also you have nothing to loose because people will think you are fake untill they see it atleast.
also if you really want people to believe then make sure the camera is always moving and NOT perfectly still like on a tripod or something

Thanks a lot for a great introduction in this subject!
Here is what happened: soon after I shoot my short videos on a teleportation session they tried to film how a coin appears from nowhere in a tea-cup. They tried filming this with Dima, the best teleportation student of Denisov. But it didn't work -- the teleportation didn't happen that day. I believe that the tension was too high for the operator Dima and that's why that day he wan't able to teleport single coin.

But if Denisov will give it another try -- I will remember your advice and tell them to use moving camera. Thanks for your advice!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Messages to Nikolay Denisov


I would love to be in your class. I have been doing my own studing but I"m at a wall now.. please helpl..

Denisov has sent me above message from Rose and asked to answer it. I do it below.


Dear Rose,
Did you watch the videos on Nikolay Denisov and teleportation?
What have you been studying?
What help from Nikolay Denisov do you seek?
In what way you want to join Denisov's class? You want to come to Moscow or you want to join him online?
Do you have program installed and tested?
What's your name and age? And where do you live?


Yes I did watch his videos. I have been studing about charging your body and other things. I seek better understanding. I would like to do it on the internet. I don't live in nor near moscow. Maybe one day I could? Yes I do have oovoo and it works. My name is A. and I am ... I live in Georgia.


Rose, thanks for your reply!
I will ask Denisov whether he is going to conduct video trainings in English.


hey.. i have been studing teleportation.. i was wondering could i get that teachers INFO?? please that would be a big help for me...


Yes? And in what way were you studying it?
What other info about Denisov you need? (There are videos about the method he is researching and there is his email you can use to ask questions. His email is on his website.)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Russian TV studio wants to make a film about Denisov

Last Friday my friend Katya B. called me and asked how she can contact the guy who is performing telekinezis. I corrected her: "It's teleportation and the guy's name is Nikolay Denisov. Why?"

She works now for a TV studio and they want to shoot a TV series about strange phenomena. So they want to shoot teleportation too.

Of course, I gave her Nikolay Denisov contacts!