Thursday, January 13, 2011

Explanation of teleportation is very easy - if we live in a dream

Kostya: I'm very moved after watching Inception movie and I'm reviewing my purpose in life. Today I replied to a message about teleportation and mention it. What do you think about it?

On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 11:57 AM, jesus gonzalez wrote:

Hello my friend,
My name is Jesus Gonzalez. My friend and I have been thinking very seriously about teleportation. We have written down so many ideas of how we think it may work. We believe teleportation is possible. We KNOW it's possible. Anything is possible. We are both musicians and painters. We love art and we think teleportation is an art too. We are both very spiritual but we are not religious. We think that love is everything and everyone. We agreed that we would only use teleportation to bring love and peace to the Earth.

My question is, Have you teleported before? How do you do it? You can trust me. If you have not teleported... Can you tell help me find out how we can do it?

I have no money to give to anyone. I don't think I should give money to learn teleportation because teleportation is part of our spiritual and human nature. That's like paying to learn how to walk or talk haha. Do you understand? My friend and I are very sincere people and we take teleportation very very seriously. Please let us know everything you can tell us. Thank you for your time. - Jesus (Another human being)


Watch "Inception" movie. Get the idea that our world looks very much like a dream

If this world looks very much like a dream - then teleportation and other miracles become very easy to do. And the way to this mastey is in getting more awareness. Like in a dream - the more you are aware of the fact that this is a dream the more you can change anything in the dream.

I recomend you do the following:
learn Sending Love to what you want in life
learn Sedona Method to deal with emotions
they both help your self-awareness.

Have heard that Denisov gave seminars in the States last fall

I've heard from someone that in fall 2010 Nikolay Denisov was in the States and gave seminars there. I think his students were Russians who live in the States.

I should ask him about it