Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sat., Dec 20, 2008 - free online teleportation training

Denisov and I checked ooVoo and found that if at least one person has pay account then 6-way video chat is possible. Denisov has such an account for next month, so he is inviting you for a free online teleportation training on Saturday, December 20, 2008.

Moscow time - 20.00 (8 p.m.)
New York time - 12.00 (12 a.m., noon)
Los Angeles time - 09.00 (9 a.m.)

Download program from, install it, log in and connect to users DenisovNN (Nikolay Denisov) and kostyazen1 (me).

Denisov has returned from India

Nikolay Denisov has returned from India one week ago.

Among other things he and his group of teleportation researchers went to Sai Baba ashram to see how teleprtation is done by that spiritual leader.

They found that Sai Baba himself is very weak person but his magical powers come from an energy doughnut (torus) located around his waist and spinning at high speed. Denisov fellow researchers were able to see the torus but couldn't interact with it.

So they were not able to learn more about teleportation from Sai Baba. But they did some research in human teleportation. They didn't get positive result yet, but there were some results.

As for the coins, researcher D. would keep teleporting Russian 5-rouble coins, and researched G. would teleport local Indian coins. End of transmission!