Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is teleportation done in "Liminal State"? And Air Force research

Question on youtube:

Are you planning on doing any more teleportation video stuff?

I was also wondering if you're familiar with Eric Davis's paper.

Is the mental state that Nikolay teaches the "liminal state" where one feels as if they about to fall asleep? I've found that I can access information from the past when I am lucky enough to stay in that state.

Happy holidays,


No, it's not a state where you are about to fall asleep. Denisov invites his students to summon all their energy and put it into very strong emotion - like a high pitched sound. This is his approach. I believe that teleportation is possible in other states too - including in "Liminal State".

Thanks for the liks to the Air Force research document! I haven't seen it before, but I've heard that Air Force was researching strange fenomena. Very interesting! Will look at it closer.

As to teleportation videos - yes, I'll do them as soon as there will be new information. Thanks for your interest and support!