Friday, January 13, 2012

250 meters teleportation

Got another personal teleportation report in the mail. As with previous ones - it was unintentional experience. Would be cool when we learn to do it on purpose! Around October of 2010 I teleported. It wasn't on purpose, I hadn't been trying to, and the goal was nowhere in my mind that day or the weeks prior, so I refer to it as spontaneous teleportation. I had gone for a walk. It was after midnight, but a very normal time for me to be awake and walking around. I stopped just beyond this Italian restaurant and had sat down indian style. I was thinking and my thoughts were inducing a feeling in what I refer to as my energy body. I though of basically only three things: the encountering of an un-understood warning signal, islamic terrorism in our recent past, and being under and within a kind of black ocean of consciousness sludge that is so normal and pervasive it is as invisible as air is to us, or likely water to fish. I could even seen the blackness filling my visual field starting from top right. I blinked, a normal blink, just as long as usual, and saw upon opening my eyes that I had moved. I was about 250 feet away, around two corners from where I had started, sitting indian style in the trash room of my apartment, facing the door. I had been staying and sleeping in the room for the previous week or so. From my experience with lucid dreaming and induction techniques, the first thing I asked myself, almost immediately, was "Did that really just happen? Am I dreaming?" I consulted my memory and could remember not only the entire scence up to that point, but various things about my whole day. Normally in a dream I have no back story. I could tell and had as little doubt as at this moment that no, I was in fact awake on Earth, in my physical body as usual. I never teleported back after that -- I just went on about my life from there. I had not taken in anything that would have caused blackouts, like alcohol, and I had not been drowsy or yawned even once yet in that evening. I was not sleepy or drugged, and I personally take the experience as is, and believe that teleport is exactly what I did. The only other possible explanation, as I see it, is that I got lost in thought, walked back to the place where I would have, where I was staying, sat down, and inexplicably out of nowhere opened my eyes and stitched my pre-blink starting place to the past some number of minutes ago. That explanation itself is so other-worldly to me, and just as hard to accept as teleporting. Personally, I have always believed teleportation is not only normal, but in many ways more normal that the inability to do so, so I wasn't exactly shocked with surprise. I have spent my life exploring various states of consciousness, so I consider myself, more than most, as very aware of my state. I thought you might be interested. --Charles J. Daniels

Personal teleportation experience in England

I got notice in the mail that a comment was posted to one of the blog messages. John has left a new comment on your post "Personal teleportation experience report": About four months ago I caught the train to Taunton which is in somerset. I got off at the station and started walking. I went through a built up area and remember seeing a dense collection of trees on the horizon. Houses got in the way of my view of these trees but when I came out of the built up area the horizon seemed to have changed. The trees weren't there anymore and instead I thought I could see the sea. I didn't think much of this at the time. I continued walking and more houses came and went as it began to grow dark. I found myself in a town and was feeling scared because there were lots of drunken hooligans around. I approached some police officers and asked where I was. They told me I was in Cheltenham. They asked me where I had come from and couldn't believe me when I said I had walked from Taunton. I later learned that the distance between the two towns is at least eighty miles and yet I got from one to the other in what can't have been much longer than an hour from what I remember. the average walking speed is four miles an hour so it would only be possible for most people to walk such a distance in just over a whole day. To this day, the whole mystery remains unexplained. Posted by John to Teleportation research by Nikolay Denisov at December 12, 2011 2:43 PM