Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Teleportation - not only in Russia

Got interesting message in Facebook from J.


teleportation is uncle is able to teleport small coins....nobody never believed me so i stopped telling people didnt know i would ever find another person that knew bout it existing


wow! can you do this? Are your uncle very psychic? Did he try to teleport anything else?
Are you as psychic, as your uncle?


wow i finally have someone that believes i knew bout this since i was a kid and no one ever believed i cant do it he trys to teach me it everytime i see him i only see him like every few yrs i know the technique like the rubbing and where to place the coin in ur hand when u teleport it...only other thing i seen him teleport was candy wrappers ..i try not to ask him to much to do it cause it sucks alot of energy out of him but im gonna learn just wait

Sunday, November 22, 2009

We are for real

Hi there. I was browsing the internet for psychic stuff and came across a webpage of a guy named Nikolay and his teleportation classes. I've been interested in teleportation for a very long time now and have searched the net for lessons or people that can help me but the sites I have come across were either a whole bunch of nonsense or just plain weird. I cant say that Im normal cause Im not, normal is boring but these sites were really not right. Anyway what I wanted to ask you was if you and Nikolay and this whole teleportation thing is actualy for real and not just some scam or thing to trick people. If its not then I will be very happy cause I can put teleportation to very good use and actualy help alot of people. And then maybe one day if Im very good at it then I will set my sights upon space, a place I've always wanted to go.

Please dont think Im another weirdo, if wanting to help people is weird and abnormal then then evil has already won.

Health and Happiness
Ryan Kempen

Dear Ryan, it's for real. We were doing online classes. Join our Teleportation group to get latest news

Denisov will return from India on Dec 1, 2009

I got a text message from Denisov. He is in India now and will return on December 1, 2009.

Now I am at Boris Zolotov seminar near Moscow:

Герои Мадагаскар-2 на Ассамблее Мотомото (2009)

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Snow in Moscow

I came to Boris Zolotov big annual seminar near Mocow, Russia. It's snowing here, but the snow is melting.
I tried to call Nikolay Denisov (teleportation researcher and teacher) and his assistant Marina Kapirova (she is very strong in clarivision), but it seems they are out of Russia. Last year at this time they went to India to study teleportation there. Maybe they went there again.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I want Denisov to charge for his Teleportation lessons

Why I want this? Because it doesn't make sense for me any longer. Free lessons did their purpose - people learned about Denisov. I helped him with this. There were lesson attendees who successfully teleported their coins. Good. Now comes next stage. It's a unique talent and I want him to charge for his lessons. And I don't mind getting paid too ))

Below is my chat with Jesus in Facebook chat:

5:07am Jesus
hey dude
havent heard of you for a while
how is the research on teleportation and the other things going?

5:07am Kostya
I sent Denisov a message and didn't get answer yet. I propose him to charge for teleportation classes online. It's no fun any longer to do it for free

5:07am Jesus
the fact that is free is ur hype man and really the fact that me and many followers believe in u guys
cause all so called "gurus" charge and ur the only ones that rlly have showed
interest in doing a revolution
dont get me wrong I dont intent to offend you or him is just my point of view only that I thought u were rlly interested in doing a revolution in this art

5:10am Kostya
well, I just wanted to help a talented person. And it's no longer fun for me to do it for free. Would you like to do it for free for him? you are welcome

5:11am Jesus
well if I could I would do it
I would do it if I could but I have much to learn yet Im not a master in this art
wait who is the one that wants to charge? you or him?

5:12am Kostya
I want him to charge.

5:13am Jesus
And why the big change of mind bro? why u want that? u must have a reason I suppose

5:14am Kostya
I already told you - it's no longer fun for me. I want do things that are fun for me. Don't you?

5:15am Jesus
Well me too. so then ur after the munny right?

5:17am Kostya
I'm after making this project work. And I think this will work

5:17am Jesus
Well Im sincere
I appreciate you work
but somehow requesting money for it I dont think is gonna help but well is ur desicion after all, I say it cause then u will lose some students and people will start saying ur after the money
I mean look at the videos there are some skeptics but most people believe in the project cause is the first time someone does something like this and money is not involved but, well just my sincere opinion as you will do what you want, so just my opinion dude dont get me wrong

5:21am Kostya
thanks for your opinion and your emotions! This gives me feedback
As for believing - I believe when something works, not when it's free. I know Denisov students can see through things - so I believe it. I know they teleport coins - so I believe it. I don't care if Denisov charges for teaching clarivision

Read the rest of the chat with Jesus in my Sending love blog
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clarivision questions

Dear Kostya,

I live in california, USA.
I am in the middle of a 3.1 level seminar on seeing with eyes covered seminar with V. Bronnikov.

I contacted Nikolay Denisov some months ago.

I would like to know more about B. Zolotov's work in this area.
I have read some bad reports of corruption about him on the internet.
The corrupt reports make me fear meeting him.

Have you ever heard about Mark Komissarov and his teachings?

Are there other teachers that teach seminars on seeing with eyes covered?
If so, can you recommend any?

Best Wishes, Jonas


Dear Jonas, thanks for your message!

So have you learned any clarivision at Bronnikov course? Can you read big letters with your eyes covered?

At Denisov course to a couple from Holland I translated in Kiev, they got their vision in one week and after second week she was able to read small text in a newspaper and he read big letters in headings.

Just posted into my Zolotov blog a message on Zolotov research into clarivision.

Zolotov and corruption? Don't be silly! A government official can be corrupt, right? How can be corrupt a guy who is giving seminars? He just can't. But he is a bright person and such people attract all kinds of opinions.

I know Zolotov for 10 years and there's nothing to be afraid in him. Believe me. Well, if your marriage doesn't work - it could break.

Komissarov? Didn't hear about him before. Looked up (article, Natalia failed 1 mln challenge). Could be that he is also a student of Zolotov or Denisov. Or maybe he learned it by himself. Looks like he is not the best out there.

In clarivision I recommend Denisov.