Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interesting message about teleportation

Just got this email:

Hi there

ive been reading ur blog and i'mm really interested in increasing my power. Ive seen the free lessons on youtube and unfortunately dont teleport the coin yet. But willing to.
I want to tell u that I have an experience of teleportation myself, talking by other people, knowing what someone think and manifesting a piece of tree in my hand even flying and so much more...

There is so knowleghe that we can share

YOU are the YOUnivese, Peace, M.


Thank you for interesting message!
We should put you in touch with Nikolay Denisov. Could you send him an email? His email should be somewhere in this blog...
No, it seems it's not here. It's on his web site 

Едем из Питера в Нижний Новгород
town of Klin, Russia

Едем из Питера в Нижний Новгород
I'm riding from Saint Petersburg to Nizhni Novgorod, Russia