Monday, June 28, 2010

Strong unbending intent for Energy work

I forwarded Derek's message to Nikolay Denisov and this is his answer:

In my translation into English:

We do energy work with our Intention. Read about strong, unbending Intent in Carlos Castaneda books.
Doesn't anyhbody want to pay for studying teleportation? Number of those interested in teleportation went down as soon as you refused to continue free lessons.

Original in Russian:

Костя, здравствуй.
Отвечай на такие вопросы так:
Работа с энергией возможна только при помощи "НАМЕРЕНИЯ". О том, что такое ЖЁСТКОЕ, НЕСГИБАЕМОЕ НАМЕРЕНИЕ пусть читают у Карлоса Кастанеды.

А, что за деньги никто телепортации обучаться не хочет? Как только ты им отказал в бесплатных занятиях, поток желающих резко сократился:)

поездка в Благодатное под Н. Новгородом. Рассвет
Sunset over Volga river

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Using your imagination and your will (attention)

Derek Falkan:

Hello. I've seen the teleportation videos on youtube and I understand the basic concept, but I have a few questions about phase 2, gathering and firing the energy. I would email Nikolay himself, but I cannot email him from my computer. How do you gather the energy into your solar plexus and fire it? Also, how do you create the frequency that you discuss in the videos?


Hi Derek,

I don't practice teleportation myself, but my answer is:

1. you gather and fire the energy by using your imagination and your will
2. you create the frequency the same way. You imagine it, give this model your attention and it begins to exist.

я на Курском вокзале
me on Kurrsk Railway Station in Moscow