Sunday, May 25, 2008

Publications on teleportation by Denisov

This conversation is carried from the post in my other blog.

Q: Are there any publications [on teleportation] available, that professor made yet ?

A: I don't know. Maybe not. He is more into practicing than into theory.
But there is an article by me about Nikolay Denisov and Boris Zolotov for Spirit of Maat webzine.
As far as I know, at that time (2001-2002) Denisov wasn't into teleportation yet.

Request for subtitles for teleportation videos

This conversation is carried from the post in my other blog.

Question about Nikolay Denisov teleportation videos:

(11-feb-2008) Hi I am curious about what is being said in the video, but because I am deaf I'm not able to hear what is being said. I wonder if it would be possible for the videos to be subtitled for people like me who would love to learn what he has to say? thank you!


Hi! Thanks for writing and sorry for such a late reply.
I can't commit to making subtitles yet -- I have a lot of other stuff to care for.
But, guys, would anybody like to create subtitles for Denisov videos? It would be great!
Please create the subtitles and send them to me or give me a link where we can download them.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Online teleportation lessons from Denisov

Yesterday I joined Nikolay Denisov and his students in online session. They used communication program that allows up to 6 person to have video chat. I made some pictures and here is my video report:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Clarivoyance question from Slovenia

Janez D. sends Nikolay Denisov a question on learning Clarivoyance:

Dear Mr. Denisov,
I would like to kindly ask you for more information about your seminars. My interest is focused to clairvoyance, fast readings, antigravitation, ...

I read your internet pages, but still have some questions:
- What your seminars looks like (there are mentioned 5 days seminars including nights)?
- Requested knowledge?
- Do you provide or suggest accomodation in Moscow as well, for students coming from other countries?
- Do you provide seminars in English leanguage?
- Time table plan of your seminars?
- Prices?

Have a nice day!
With love from Slovenija
Janez D.

Nikolay Denisov replies:

The first stage of clairvoyance training lasts five days. After this period of time you'll be able to get the simple information (sign,digit or figure) by unusial way - by using your new channel of perception.Your increased sensitivity will allow you to "see" the sign and to trace it with your finger with your eyes covered.

After it you will open your eyes and will check how what you saw with your mind corresponds to the real thing.

This course is an introduction into the world of extrasensory perception. The next steps can be made only after successful completion of this course.

My method allows pupil to check results of education by himself - this is the main advantage of my method.
Each lesson lasts two hours a day. The whole clarivoyance course (seeing with your eyes covered) costs 500 euros.

I do not have branches in other cities, that's why I perform my trainings only in Moscow.

Video about Denisov and Teleportation in Russian

This is a youtube playlist window with 8 short Denisov teleportation videos. They are in Russian. You can also watch 4 Denisov teleportation videos in English.

U.S. military research into teleportation

through a series of links I found that Col. Mike Heil of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio ordered a review of Teleportation research from Warp Drive Metrics company. They gave him his review and the project was discontinued. Would be cool to get in touch with this colonel!

Teleportation Q&A - instructional video

Below is my exchanche with a guy, that responded to my youtube teleportation videos.

Hi! I watched the Nikolay Denisov videos - they were very interesting - the problem here is I(and most of the people watching probably) can't afford to go and stay in Moscow for at least a month and where I live organizing a workshop for so long is problematic too, so the only ways to learn it in person are kinda not working.

That's why I was wondering are there any plans to make some kinda tutorial how to do it online(also in english)?

Even if it will be a lot harder, probably some people will make it work(after all it should be natural process, since it's happening - so the more people trying it the better the chance of finding out easier ways).

I get that it's problematical since it has to explain state and that is hard on other language(english in this case) - but generally speaking it will be very helpful to have something practical to try, and if it isn't enough for most people - well then I guess it just won't work - so nothing to lose.

I saw the topic in the forums about how to do it from the internet - it was very interesting the only problem is it was too short and if it's longer the reader will feel the model that is applied more easily. Also it was in russian, so I guess a lot of info was lost with the translations - but something like that in english and a little longer will be very helpful for people that wanna try and can't come to Russia.

Thanks for your interest! But I think the technology just isn't on this stage yet.
Still -- if you talk Denisov into it I'll do the recording. You can get to him through his email, phone and his forum.

Thanks for the quick reply. I did watched 3&4 before though, I was wondering what exactly is the state - he said that to make it successful he transmit a state, but if we don't know what exactly is the state we can't make it on our own. In the forums there were more explanations, but again kinda not enough. Anyway, I guess it's hard to describe a state anyway, so thanks for the reply again. :)

Dear Deian, Denisov is beginning to use internet to teach teleportation.

Denisov began teaching teleportation online

Nikolay Denisov wrote to me that he began teaching teleportation online using ooVoo video chat program. He invited me to participate. The time is Tuesday, Thirsday, Friday 2300-2400 Moscow time (11 pm-12pm). Moscow is GMT+3. Will try to use the invitation today and will report what happened.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

English video about Denisov teleportation research

This is [English language] video in 4 parts from Nikolay Denisov teleportation training sessions. I shot it at his apartment in Moscow in January 2008.

Teleportation research by Nikolay Denisov

Today I'm opening this blog for the information on teleportation research done in Moscow, Russia, by my friend Nikolay Denisov. I began by writing about teleportation in my other blog, but now I will put here all the information I have now and will be placing here all the new information, like messages that Nikolay Denisov exchanges with people that contact him.

This picture I took at teleportation session in Moscow.