Friday, July 31, 2009

Moon path on night sea

Took this pic when leaving beach after sunset.

Лунная дорожка на море. После заката тут темнеет очень быстро.

Waiting for sunset

Tonight I greately enjoyed sun setting into thr sea and the time after that. I am sitting with my back to warm cement wave breaker.

On the way to beach this evening

I am heading to the beach.

Watching sunset at the beach

I made it to the beach in time to join Zolotov and his students enjoying the waves in the sea. The we went to the shore and watched sun setting into the sea.

Eating berries

I woke up at 2 pm, found that my girlfriend went to bellydance class. I decided to eat some berries. They are black and sweet.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Road police on a street

Took this pic today on a street in Lazarevskoye, Russia

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sitting in commuter train

My commuter train stopped to give way to another train. Sea at left and mountains at right. Ticket guys sell tickets and I post this to my twitter ISendLove:

Blind prorammer Vladimir Yushko created LightPublisher-free blog platform that competes with WordPress. Instead of database it uses a file for each post and a file for comments

Self-made street book ads

This Vietnamese guy studies programming in Irkutsk (Russia) University. He has 5 brothers and 3 sisters. His father fought on North side in the war. I gave him a link to Klaus Joehle book "The Messenger" - maybe he would want to translate it into his language.

Saw self-made book ad on a srteet in Lazarevskoye: "New interesting book ... arrived to book shoon. You'll read about..." I will design such ads and will ask my readers to place them in crowded places. I like this idea!

On a train station

Again a travel picture. People getting off train in Lazareskoye, Russia. Others wait to get on board.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Volkonka Dolmen

A dolmen behind me. People feel old energies in the hole and around this place.

On a local train again

Again we are riding commuter train along the Black Sea shore. This time our goal is Volkonka, a village with a famous megalitic object Dolmen, a huge stone box with round hole that has a fitting stone lid.

Lena, a girl from Zolotv seminar

On a wedding the other night I took this picture of Lena, theater actress from Golubkino, Russia. Her dance impressed me greately on July 24, 2009.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Nice girls at seminar

Marina, a nice girl and heroic mother.

Around the world

Paul Noga lost his job as a computer specialist on Russian North and decided to travel around the world. Now he is here in Lazarevskoye, Russia. His ICQ is 305-234-145.

Animals of Thagapsh

Animals walk along the street in an aul (village) Thagapsh

Nice cat in aul Thagapsh

Yesterday. Gala with local vilage dweller Heyshkho Merem and her cat.

On a bus from aul Thagapsh

Riding a bus from aul Thagapsh in mountains to Lazarevskoye on the shore. Later on the bus will be filled with passengers.

A bull at aul Thagapsh bridge

Nice view. We took the path on the left and didn't meet the bull personally

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big stones Разлом камней

I stand in front of big stones

Under waterfall in aul Thagabsh

I am standing under waterfall upstream from Adyg aul (village) Thagabsh.

Едем в горы

On this photo: We hitch-hike a ride from a local minibus driver.


View from Lazarevskoye, Russia to the mountains.

Walking in Lazarevskoye

We are walking along the streets and railway bridges in Lazarevskoye.

Riding a train to Lazarevskoye

Last night I left Boris Zolotov seminar hall (particiants were split into 7 teams to create artistic Birthday greetings to Olga). I went to sleep at 5, woke at 10, did some emailing and went to sleep again. Gala came at 7 and woke me up at 1 pm - it was just the time to catch a train to Lazarevskoye.

We caught it OK, even had to wait, because it was late. Train fare is 8 roubles - $0.25. Minibus fare would be 25 roubles = $0.75.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hitch-hiking to Boris Zolotov seminar

Our ship from Kerch, Ukraine to Russia was delayed on Ukrainian side, so Gala and I missed the bus to Lazarevskoye. What do we do now? We decided to hitch-hike our way. It was a first time for the both of us, and we were not sure how to act. At first Gala was too shy. I told her to be more open to sell us to a driver. We created a make-shift sign and were very thrilled when a young woman from Customs gave us a ride of about 10 km.

Then there was an Armenian to Anapa (he got a brilliant idea to befriend his 10-year son to put their relasions in good shape) and young Moscovites to Tuapse. There we just got on the bus that we did not make before.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm leaving for Boris Zolotov seminar

Gala and I are leaving for Boris Zolotov seminar (he gives ESP seminars for last 25 years) in Lazarevskoye, near Sochi, Russia. Writing a blog message reminds me to send love to our travel way.

On the picture we are standing at Kiev railway station near our train #222 Kiev-Kerch.

I've set up several of my blogs for email-to-blog updating, this is the first message.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Clairvoyance training by Nikolay Denisov

I'm back in my home city of Kiev, Ukraine. Here I meet friends, take pictures, eat mulberry right from the trees and make plans to visit Boris Zolotov seminar in Sochi, Russia.

ем шелковицу
I eat mulberry

Also I help Nikolay Denisov communicate with people who write him. Here is a piece of email exchange:

Dear Friends,
I live in San Jose, California, USA.
I am interested in learning how to improve my vision and brain function.
I read an article which said that your method is superior to the Bronnikov Method.
Would you send me information about participating in your training program?

Answer to this:

Dear Jonas, here is answer from Nikolay Denisov:

First stage of clarivoyance training lasts 5 days. In this time you need to learn getting 1 piece of information (a character, a figure, a number) in an unusual way - by using new channel of perception. Your hightened perception will allow you with your eyes covered:
to "see" a character
trace it with your finger
open eyes and find that what you "saw" is what is there in reality.

This 5-day course is an introduction into an extra-sensory-perception world. Only those who went through this course can continue the studies.
Advantage of my method is the fact that the student is checking his results by himself.
Studies take 2 hours a day. Price for the 5-day course is 600 (six hundred) Euros (translation included).

Of course it's more effective to study with a teacher face to face. But we can try to do this over internet. To do this you need the following:

1. Internet connection 2.5 Kbit/sec or faster
2. Good webcam like Logitech® QuickCam® Communicate Deluxe or better
3. ooVoo program. Install it from and send me your ooVoo name in email.

собаки спят полуобнявшись у метро Осокорки в Киеве
dogs sleep on the street

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Moscow life - Seniors dance

My personal blog video about Moscow life - Seniors dance near Kremlin in Moscow, Russia.