Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interesting message about teleportation

Just got this email:

Hi there

ive been reading ur blog and i'mm really interested in increasing my power. Ive seen the free lessons on youtube and unfortunately dont teleport the coin yet. But willing to.
I want to tell u that I have an experience of teleportation myself, talking by other people, knowing what someone think and manifesting a piece of tree in my hand even flying and so much more...

There is so knowleghe that we can share

YOU are the YOUnivese, Peace, M.


Thank you for interesting message!
We should put you in touch with Nikolay Denisov. Could you send him an email? His email should be somewhere in this blog...
No, it seems it's not here. It's on his web site 

Едем из Питера в Нижний Новгород
town of Klin, Russia

Едем из Питера в Нижний Новгород
I'm riding from Saint Petersburg to Nizhni Novgorod, Russia

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Funding teleportation research project

You know, we're looking for ways to fund Nikolay Denisov teleportation research project.
Just found a site. Seems like something we can do. We can ask for money and offer cheap, let's say $5, lessons to supporters.

What you think about it?

Благодатное (под Чкаловском в Нижегородской обл.)

I'm in Nizhni Novgorod, Russia, right now. My friends are building this sphere near town of Chkalovsk

Monday, June 28, 2010

Strong unbending intent for Energy work

I forwarded Derek's message to Nikolay Denisov and this is his answer:

In my translation into English:

We do energy work with our Intention. Read about strong, unbending Intent in Carlos Castaneda books.
Doesn't anyhbody want to pay for studying teleportation? Number of those interested in teleportation went down as soon as you refused to continue free lessons.

Original in Russian:

Костя, здравствуй.
Отвечай на такие вопросы так:
Работа с энергией возможна только при помощи "НАМЕРЕНИЯ". О том, что такое ЖЁСТКОЕ, НЕСГИБАЕМОЕ НАМЕРЕНИЕ пусть читают у Карлоса Кастанеды.

А, что за деньги никто телепортации обучаться не хочет? Как только ты им отказал в бесплатных занятиях, поток желающих резко сократился:)

поездка в Благодатное под Н. Новгородом. Рассвет
Sunset over Volga river

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Using your imagination and your will (attention)

Derek Falkan:

Hello. I've seen the teleportation videos on youtube and I understand the basic concept, but I have a few questions about phase 2, gathering and firing the energy. I would email Nikolay himself, but I cannot email him from my computer. How do you gather the energy into your solar plexus and fire it? Also, how do you create the frequency that you discuss in the videos?


Hi Derek,

I don't practice teleportation myself, but my answer is:

1. you gather and fire the energy by using your imagination and your will
2. you create the frequency the same way. You imagine it, give this model your attention and it begins to exist.

я на Курском вокзале
me on Kurrsk Railway Station in Moscow

Monday, May 31, 2010

Child teleportation story from Ling

Ling shares his own experience with teleportation in comments to one of the posts:

Oh my god ... when i was a child, i experienced something similar. Was only 6 or 7. For no reason, I thot to myself, hey, I want to go a few steps down the stairs but dont wanna walk. All sights and sounds blurred out, felt lightheaded like floating, then saw myself a few steps down after that. But my mom never believed me and I never tried that again.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm participating in Sending Love chats

Instead I now switched to conducting Sending Love voice chat - as part of my project for promoting Klaus Joehle books on love. Yesterday was very nice chat with guys from Australia, Germany, U.S.A. Brasil and Russia.

Here are Klaus Joehle books. I recommend beginning with "The Messenger" - my favorite book.

"Living on Love: The Messenger" by Klaus J. Joehle

Nikolay Denisov teleportation web sites

This is old and working Nikolay Denisov web site

And this seems to be another newer Nikolay Denisov web site

Human (self) teleportation is the direction to go

Guys, I was thinking for last months and it seems that the only use for teleportation now is teleporting ourselves.

Because teleporting 25 cent coin is useless.
Teleporting $100 bills (from somewhere) is stealing and we won't do it for ethical reasons.

So what is left? Only teleporting ourselves. As far as I know Denisov keeps researching this application of teleportation. His students keep trying teleporting themselves. Need to ask him about new developments.

As to online lessons - there are no interest in paid lessons, so we don't do online teleportation lessons in English at all. But it was a great experience. Thanks for participating in them!

Ходил на Труханов остров. Киев, 30 мар 2010
«Kostya after swim in Dnipro river in Kiev, 30 Mar 2010»

Monday, February 1, 2010

Price for studying with Nikolay Denisov

Hello, my name is Bo. I would very much like to learn what you have to teach. Thank you for your time.

Please find below the price Nikolay Denisov charges for teaching vision with eyes covered.
For teaching teleportating the price is the same.

First stage of clarivoyance training lasts 5 days. In this time you need to learn getting 1 piece of information (a character, a figure, a number) in an unusual way - by using new channel of perception. Your hightened perception will allow you with your eyes covered:
to "see" a character
trace it with your finger
open eyes and find that what you "saw" is what is there in reality.

This 5-day course is an introduction into an extra-sensory-perception world. Only those who went through this course can continue the studies.

Advantage of my method is the fact that the student is checking his results by himself.
Studies take 2 hours a day. Price for the 5-day course is 600 (six hundred) Euros (translation included).

Of course it's more effective to study with a teacher face to face. But we can try to do this over internet. To do this you need the following:

1. Internet connection 2.5 Kbit/sec or faster
2. Good webcam like Logitech® QuickCam® Communicate Deluxe or better
3. ooVoo program. Install it from and send me your ooVoo name in email.

Вечер. Москва. Иду домой от метро Щелковская
«Moscow. Night near Schelkovskaya metro» на Яндекс.Фотках

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Questions from David

Answering questions from David Cashburne.

Q: Hello yes I have read and seen stuff on youtube and on the blog about this teleportation with Nikolay I just some questions.

It seems Nikolay has done some classes with people online with teleportation. Were any of them successful?

A: Yes, some of people teleported their coins. You can see some of them show their coins during online teleportation class on pictures here.

Q: are you and nikolai going to be doing anymore classes on this? has he stopped? I ask that as it seems he has not posted anymore online vids and updates on lessons for a while and updates on here about his work are scarce.

A: To tell you the truth, I got tired of the free online teleportating lessons. So I proposed Nikolay to give only pay lessons

Q: I am skeptical really, but if it is possible to try it across the internet and get your own successful results through following Nikolai's instructions, then you cannot refute your own evidence.

The fact that he has done classes for free has made me think he may be telling the truth about this or what would he have to gain? he does not make money from free online lessons he has done. I still cant help feeling sceptical about it all though as i'm sure most do.

A: Our idea was to give free online lessons and find funding for teleportation research. I didn't find the funding and free lessons is no longer fun. So we switch for pay lessons. Your sceptisism is yours, you know...

Q: Has Nikolay tried to show any scientists? what has been there general response? surely if there was some real truth to his claims then scientists would give him a chance if he was sincere enough and proved to them under controlled scientific conditions.

A: Scientists are not interested in this. Why? What will it give them? A proof that magic exists? They know it. They won't be able to explain it in current scientific terms anyway.

Q: How did he find out about the ability he claims he can do? has he learned it from somewhere? did he develop it himself? pls tell.

A: As far as I know without consulting Denisov, he developed his super-abilities (vision with eyes covered, teleportation) on Boris Zolotov seminars.

Q: Is Nikolay teaching it still in Russia? is he going to be doing any online classes anymore? yes I have asked alot of Q's but please try to answer them all if you have the time. Thankyou.

A: Yes, he is still teaching it in Moscow, Russia. Yes, he is considering giving clarivision and teleportation classes in the States and in other western countries. Maybe I should set up a seminar for him in the States... Or will you do that?
Thanks for your interesting questions!

How Patel can learn teleportation?

Munjal Patel:

Hi Nikolay, I would love to learn teleportation, what should I do? Thanks.


Please read our teleportation blog. Then you can
- work on teleportation by yourself, using our videos
- or pay Mr. Denisov to teach you teleportation.

Denisov is ready to give online vision lessons

In answer to Sam Talking:

Nikolay Denisov is ready to begin giving you personal Vision lessons via internet on any Monday. He proposes time 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. (Moscow time) - if this is comfortable for you. You can pay for the lessons via Western Union.

я на центральной Сусанинской площади

Currently I am visiting my girlfriend in Kostroma, Russia. This is their central square. Soon I plan to return to Kiev, Ukraine via Moscow, Russia.