Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm participating in Sending Love chats

Instead I now switched to conducting Sending Love voice chat - as part of my project for promoting Klaus Joehle books on love. Yesterday was very nice chat with guys from Australia, Germany, U.S.A. Brasil and Russia.

Here are Klaus Joehle books. I recommend beginning with "The Messenger" - my favorite book.

"Living on Love: The Messenger" by Klaus J. Joehle

Nikolay Denisov teleportation web sites

This is old and working Nikolay Denisov web site

And this seems to be another newer Nikolay Denisov web site

Human (self) teleportation is the direction to go

Guys, I was thinking for last months and it seems that the only use for teleportation now is teleporting ourselves.

Because teleporting 25 cent coin is useless.
Teleporting $100 bills (from somewhere) is stealing and we won't do it for ethical reasons.

So what is left? Only teleporting ourselves. As far as I know Denisov keeps researching this application of teleportation. His students keep trying teleporting themselves. Need to ask him about new developments.

As to online lessons - there are no interest in paid lessons, so we don't do online teleportation lessons in English at all. But it was a great experience. Thanks for participating in them!

Ходил на Труханов остров. Киев, 30 мар 2010
«Kostya after swim in Dnipro river in Kiev, 30 Mar 2010»