Monday, April 2, 2012

Tom Campbell on Teloportation of money

I'm very excited about Tom Campbell's book "My Big TOE" (Theory of Everything). He explains it all, teleportation included. At least teleportation of money.

You can buy his book or read it online. In the meantime I began writing a book of my own - it's on Sending Love practice and other practices that give "magical" results.

Friday, January 13, 2012

250 meters teleportation

Got another personal teleportation report in the mail. As with previous ones - it was unintentional experience. Would be cool when we learn to do it on purpose! Around October of 2010 I teleported. It wasn't on purpose, I hadn't been trying to, and the goal was nowhere in my mind that day or the weeks prior, so I refer to it as spontaneous teleportation. I had gone for a walk. It was after midnight, but a very normal time for me to be awake and walking around. I stopped just beyond this Italian restaurant and had sat down indian style. I was thinking and my thoughts were inducing a feeling in what I refer to as my energy body. I though of basically only three things: the encountering of an un-understood warning signal, islamic terrorism in our recent past, and being under and within a kind of black ocean of consciousness sludge that is so normal and pervasive it is as invisible as air is to us, or likely water to fish. I could even seen the blackness filling my visual field starting from top right. I blinked, a normal blink, just as long as usual, and saw upon opening my eyes that I had moved. I was about 250 feet away, around two corners from where I had started, sitting indian style in the trash room of my apartment, facing the door. I had been staying and sleeping in the room for the previous week or so. From my experience with lucid dreaming and induction techniques, the first thing I asked myself, almost immediately, was "Did that really just happen? Am I dreaming?" I consulted my memory and could remember not only the entire scence up to that point, but various things about my whole day. Normally in a dream I have no back story. I could tell and had as little doubt as at this moment that no, I was in fact awake on Earth, in my physical body as usual. I never teleported back after that -- I just went on about my life from there. I had not taken in anything that would have caused blackouts, like alcohol, and I had not been drowsy or yawned even once yet in that evening. I was not sleepy or drugged, and I personally take the experience as is, and believe that teleport is exactly what I did. The only other possible explanation, as I see it, is that I got lost in thought, walked back to the place where I would have, where I was staying, sat down, and inexplicably out of nowhere opened my eyes and stitched my pre-blink starting place to the past some number of minutes ago. That explanation itself is so other-worldly to me, and just as hard to accept as teleporting. Personally, I have always believed teleportation is not only normal, but in many ways more normal that the inability to do so, so I wasn't exactly shocked with surprise. I have spent my life exploring various states of consciousness, so I consider myself, more than most, as very aware of my state. I thought you might be interested. --Charles J. Daniels

Personal teleportation experience in England

I got notice in the mail that a comment was posted to one of the blog messages. John has left a new comment on your post "Personal teleportation experience report": About four months ago I caught the train to Taunton which is in somerset. I got off at the station and started walking. I went through a built up area and remember seeing a dense collection of trees on the horizon. Houses got in the way of my view of these trees but when I came out of the built up area the horizon seemed to have changed. The trees weren't there anymore and instead I thought I could see the sea. I didn't think much of this at the time. I continued walking and more houses came and went as it began to grow dark. I found myself in a town and was feeling scared because there were lots of drunken hooligans around. I approached some police officers and asked where I was. They told me I was in Cheltenham. They asked me where I had come from and couldn't believe me when I said I had walked from Taunton. I later learned that the distance between the two towns is at least eighty miles and yet I got from one to the other in what can't have been much longer than an hour from what I remember. the average walking speed is four miles an hour so it would only be possible for most people to walk such a distance in just over a whole day. To this day, the whole mystery remains unexplained. Posted by John to Teleportation research by Nikolay Denisov at December 12, 2011 2:43 PM

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alex has teleported himself for 10 seconds

Got interesting message in youtube:

Help. Please. I Have Teleported Myself Once for around 10 Seconds.


Thank you very much the teleportation knowledge shared. Perhaps my subconscious is doing a better job at figuring out its complete understanding. I myself am trying to peace it together and it make sense to a certain degree. Here are the things I have come to understand about the dream state...

As we lay in bed, there are 3 types of chatters going on. Sometimes individually or all at the same time. There is the controlled dialogue which you are consciously aware of, for example, "Come on already alex! Fall asleep!" or consciously chanting a mantra. Secondly, it's the automatic rapid fire thinking, for example, "what do i have to do tomorrow, what time is it, ronald is a jerk". Finally the one which is most interesting! The dialogue that you have to actually try to tap into. The audio is not of this earth or dimension and you are attempting to decode it. Sometimes you might here a loud explosion or perhaps other more advanced beings trying to communicate using their own language.

As you lay in bed with eyes closed you might start to see random visuals or scenes in you're head or minds eye. Sometimes they appear and disappear so fast, similar to the speed of a camera flash. This is what I've discovered about the dozing off process...

Unknowingly we become amused by a specific scene or scenario. You target one character and start to make up the dialogue. We go in initially making up our own scenes and creating the dialogue for the characters. We drift into the unconscious as we become too comfortable making up the perspective of ONE character who you decide to roll play with and then it goes on the automatic from that point on. I do understand that the entire time that you are in this canvas of imagination, the dreamer is some what omnipresent since he is constructing all of the objects within the dream. Then comes lucid dreaming, being able to take control and being fully aware of the creator which is the dreamer himself. Once this happens, you can either continue to create or... astral project in "real time" or float outside of the physical body. Perhaps even meet up with friend's that are involved in the same practice. Or maybe sneak into and participate in others dreams.

What I seem to be having a hard time understanding is the process of consciously teleporting. For example, the first time I teleported... I did not doze off during my meditation. In fact I was sitting in the lotus position very hyped and energized. You could say I was swaying my arms around and engaging in what I like to call, mental masturbation, driving my self into an emotional state of ecstasy. My legs began to quiver as a vortex of light opened within the darkness of my closed eyes. Suddenly I began to follow the "rabbit hole" and when the speed became too great, I opened my eyes to find myself not in my room, but another room, another house!

Even though I was meditating on my bed, I quickly figured out that I was not on a bed anymore. Looking around and with utter astonishment I noticed I was in a meditative position on the floor of this other room. Very nervously I began to look around and started rubbing my thumbs against my middle fingers on both hands. My nails did not feel like the same material anymore, in fact they felt much rougher. I was facing a balcony... This other experience within the other reality must have been around sunset as I saw the sun before my eyes in half its glory divided over the beautiful horizon. The color scheme outside the room was that of orange sunset colors. There were trees and the house was highly elevated from the horizon. Perhaps it was a mansion on top of a mountain facing the "west".

As i was trying to accept what was happening, my mind was racing with astonishment, disbelief, excitement... Not a lot of things in life have left me stunned, this almost left me petrified. I blinked and all of a sudden I was back in my room! Still in a meditative state but quickly running out of my bed and room. The shock last for at least 2 hours. I was questioning existence, my reality, the "brainwashing and conditioning".

How could this have happened? I experienced around 10 seconds of a completely different scene. I jumped from a time frame of 1:30am night time to around 6:00pm sunset time in another earth like planet. You have been around longer than I, is this the same type of teleportation you speak about in you're interesting videos? I would love to be able to do this more often and learn from those on the other side. Knowledge and experience play an important role in my fulfillment. This is an extraordinary phenomenon and one which I would love to understand with clarity.

Thank you! -alex.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My article about Denisov, Zolotov and Bronnikov for Spirit of Maat

My older article for "Spirit of Maat" magazine - for Drunvalo Melkizedek. Oh, I need to look him up in Facebook!
There is some info on Denisov in this article.

Дома у Николая Денисова

Some of U.S. vision students went through everyone else claiming he can teach vision with eyes covered to adults - including Bronnikov and RV trainings. But only after Denisov vision seminar they really could read a text without seeing it.

I will set up Denisov Vision seminars in Europe

Yesterday called Denisov. His news: U.S. seminar (vision with eyes covered) rescheduled for March (instead of February).

I asked his permission to set up his (vision with eyes covered) seminars in Kiev, Ukraine (April 2011) and in Berlin, Germany (May 2011). He liked this idea. Good.

Дома у Николая Денисова

Jumper - a movie about self-teleportation

"Jumper" (2008)

A movie about Self-teleportation. Unfortunately, they focused on fighting. I'd rather have them show us more good uses for self-teleportation, like visiting other countries etc.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Denisov in San Diego - February 21st-27th

Got message from Hendrix that there are only 4 spots left for Denisov seminar in the States. And he sent me a link to his website.
Here is their schedule:

San Diego - Mission Valley Hilton

February 21st-27th:
7pm- 9pm - Denisov Training ($1300)

Possibly, Denisov will give seminar in California in February 2011

I've heard from someone that Nikolay Denisov was giving seminar in the States in fall 2010.
I wrote to him - yes, his friend set up a seminar for him there.

Then I got a message from Mexican woman who is going to attend Denisov seminar in California in February 2011. I asked Denisov about it, he said that one can find everything through Hendrix and gave me his email. I will write to him for details.

For now I don't now for sure what kind of seminar it's gonna be. Most likely it's vision with eyes covered.

Overall, my view now is this: teleportation is an exciting thing, but not very practical, unless you learn to teleport yourself.

Hm, I'm going to be in Moscow, Russian this weekend. Would be nice to meet Denisov and chat with him. I'll see...

У Николая Денисова на занятии по телепортации

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Explanation of teleportation is very easy - if we live in a dream

Kostya: I'm very moved after watching Inception movie and I'm reviewing my purpose in life. Today I replied to a message about teleportation and mention it. What do you think about it?

On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 11:57 AM, jesus gonzalez wrote:

Hello my friend,
My name is Jesus Gonzalez. My friend and I have been thinking very seriously about teleportation. We have written down so many ideas of how we think it may work. We believe teleportation is possible. We KNOW it's possible. Anything is possible. We are both musicians and painters. We love art and we think teleportation is an art too. We are both very spiritual but we are not religious. We think that love is everything and everyone. We agreed that we would only use teleportation to bring love and peace to the Earth.

My question is, Have you teleported before? How do you do it? You can trust me. If you have not teleported... Can you tell help me find out how we can do it?

I have no money to give to anyone. I don't think I should give money to learn teleportation because teleportation is part of our spiritual and human nature. That's like paying to learn how to walk or talk haha. Do you understand? My friend and I are very sincere people and we take teleportation very very seriously. Please let us know everything you can tell us. Thank you for your time. - Jesus (Another human being)


Watch "Inception" movie. Get the idea that our world looks very much like a dream

If this world looks very much like a dream - then teleportation and other miracles become very easy to do. And the way to this mastey is in getting more awareness. Like in a dream - the more you are aware of the fact that this is a dream the more you can change anything in the dream.

I recomend you do the following:
learn Sending Love to what you want in life
learn Sedona Method to deal with emotions
they both help your self-awareness.