Sunday, January 10, 2010

Questions from David

Answering questions from David Cashburne.

Q: Hello yes I have read and seen stuff on youtube and on the blog about this teleportation with Nikolay I just some questions.

It seems Nikolay has done some classes with people online with teleportation. Were any of them successful?

A: Yes, some of people teleported their coins. You can see some of them show their coins during online teleportation class on pictures here.

Q: are you and nikolai going to be doing anymore classes on this? has he stopped? I ask that as it seems he has not posted anymore online vids and updates on lessons for a while and updates on here about his work are scarce.

A: To tell you the truth, I got tired of the free online teleportating lessons. So I proposed Nikolay to give only pay lessons

Q: I am skeptical really, but if it is possible to try it across the internet and get your own successful results through following Nikolai's instructions, then you cannot refute your own evidence.

The fact that he has done classes for free has made me think he may be telling the truth about this or what would he have to gain? he does not make money from free online lessons he has done. I still cant help feeling sceptical about it all though as i'm sure most do.

A: Our idea was to give free online lessons and find funding for teleportation research. I didn't find the funding and free lessons is no longer fun. So we switch for pay lessons. Your sceptisism is yours, you know...

Q: Has Nikolay tried to show any scientists? what has been there general response? surely if there was some real truth to his claims then scientists would give him a chance if he was sincere enough and proved to them under controlled scientific conditions.

A: Scientists are not interested in this. Why? What will it give them? A proof that magic exists? They know it. They won't be able to explain it in current scientific terms anyway.

Q: How did he find out about the ability he claims he can do? has he learned it from somewhere? did he develop it himself? pls tell.

A: As far as I know without consulting Denisov, he developed his super-abilities (vision with eyes covered, teleportation) on Boris Zolotov seminars.

Q: Is Nikolay teaching it still in Russia? is he going to be doing any online classes anymore? yes I have asked alot of Q's but please try to answer them all if you have the time. Thankyou.

A: Yes, he is still teaching it in Moscow, Russia. Yes, he is considering giving clarivision and teleportation classes in the States and in other western countries. Maybe I should set up a seminar for him in the States... Or will you do that?
Thanks for your interesting questions!

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