Thursday, November 12, 2009

I want Denisov to charge for his Teleportation lessons

Why I want this? Because it doesn't make sense for me any longer. Free lessons did their purpose - people learned about Denisov. I helped him with this. There were lesson attendees who successfully teleported their coins. Good. Now comes next stage. It's a unique talent and I want him to charge for his lessons. And I don't mind getting paid too ))

Below is my chat with Jesus in Facebook chat:

5:07am Jesus
hey dude
havent heard of you for a while
how is the research on teleportation and the other things going?

5:07am Kostya
I sent Denisov a message and didn't get answer yet. I propose him to charge for teleportation classes online. It's no fun any longer to do it for free

5:07am Jesus
the fact that is free is ur hype man and really the fact that me and many followers believe in u guys
cause all so called "gurus" charge and ur the only ones that rlly have showed
interest in doing a revolution
dont get me wrong I dont intent to offend you or him is just my point of view only that I thought u were rlly interested in doing a revolution in this art

5:10am Kostya
well, I just wanted to help a talented person. And it's no longer fun for me to do it for free. Would you like to do it for free for him? you are welcome

5:11am Jesus
well if I could I would do it
I would do it if I could but I have much to learn yet Im not a master in this art
wait who is the one that wants to charge? you or him?

5:12am Kostya
I want him to charge.

5:13am Jesus
And why the big change of mind bro? why u want that? u must have a reason I suppose

5:14am Kostya
I already told you - it's no longer fun for me. I want do things that are fun for me. Don't you?

5:15am Jesus
Well me too. so then ur after the munny right?

5:17am Kostya
I'm after making this project work. And I think this will work

5:17am Jesus
Well Im sincere
I appreciate you work
but somehow requesting money for it I dont think is gonna help but well is ur desicion after all, I say it cause then u will lose some students and people will start saying ur after the money
I mean look at the videos there are some skeptics but most people believe in the project cause is the first time someone does something like this and money is not involved but, well just my sincere opinion as you will do what you want, so just my opinion dude dont get me wrong

5:21am Kostya
thanks for your opinion and your emotions! This gives me feedback
As for believing - I believe when something works, not when it's free. I know Denisov students can see through things - so I believe it. I know they teleport coins - so I believe it. I don't care if Denisov charges for teaching clarivision

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Anonymous said...

i really wish to learn the eleportation i got so many problems that i wanted to solve and i found a solution "the teleportation" but i see the lessons won't be free anymore but i really apreciate the lessons if you do so it'll help me in a lot of things...please and thank you