Thursday, March 19, 2009

20 years old seeks advice from Denisov

Here is a message to Nikolay Denisov from a young guy who is seeking an advice. Denisov asked me to translate it for him. I guess, he didn't understand some of the original spelling. Below I corrected most of the spelling. And today I'll send a short translation to Denisov. I think now he will be able to read it all right.

I do not know if you are telling the truth about teleportation. I am a firm believer in teleportation. Nikola Telsa was the person who got me believing and trying the unimpossible again. Teleportation is possible. There are many of people out there that can do the same but cannot come out about it because of the fear on how the world would react.

A few years ago i figured how to teleport, I was so stressed out that wanted to leave and get away from everything. I was alone and i was thinking as hard as i could on where i could go. 15 to 20 minutes had passed and i had calmed down but was still thinking of places that would nice to go to... I started to feel like there was static all around me, but before i was able to wonder what it was, I ended up down the road from my house where me and my cousin use to go hanging out as kid.

It freaked me out, I didn’t know if i had blacked out and walk out there myself, and i didn’t know what time it was then or before I teleported. I was just cold and couldn’t stop shaking. I didn’t know what I had done but i told myself not to say anything to anyone or people would think i was crazy. But i continued to try it and got it sometimes.. I couldn’t do all the time, it always took hours to do it when i was successful.

I was so obsessed with it, i thought that if could master teleporting like it was second nature i could do anything i wanted. It opened my eyes to possibilities, i started believing in the supernatural. (I started to think i could predict things because i keep predicting things that actually happened, but i think now that it was just all in my head.) When i was 17 I tried to show ex-girlfriend that teleport - but i couldn’t do it. Which made me feel insane, it made me feel like i was telling myself a lie, started to think maybe it was time to grow up. It was like i stop believing in it so i stop trying.

One day i was at my friends house and for some reason i started to study on telekinesis which is the study of levitation and use the mind to effect or move objects. when i started to learn about it, i started to think that the reason i couldn’t teleport was because i didn’t meditate enough. I started researching chi meditation and the collection of energy. After weeks of meditating i started to try telekinesis, and i was able to push small objects, I was successful at levitating to my friend cell phone.

After i started to practice telekinesis, it took a lot of strain on my body like i was doing something wrong... I would get massive headaches, sometimes I would be meditating and i would black out and wake up hours later. Since i had been able to move objects, i wanted try teleporting again.

But when i started trying to teleport again my body would starts to tingle all over, "which was a completely different feeling than the static feeling", but I ignored it... i didn’t think it was anything major, all i was doing was trying to picture myself somewhere, as i continued the hairs on my neck and arms felt like they were standing up. Then I got a full body cramp, and i had blood dripping out my nose and mouth, my ears got swollen... my eyes were blood red... and i became so tired after the body cramp that i slept the whole day away. The same thing kept happening every time I’ve tried.

I am now 19 about to turn 20 in April. Its been a little more than a year since I’ve tried anything.. I was 16 when I first experienced teleportation and it was completely on accident. I need your help Nikolay, if u are truthful about what you say. My name is ___. I know that anything is possible. I have survived crazy accidents back to back lol. I need u to explain teleportation to me and how it works?....What may i be doing wrong?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kostya,
please post Denisov's reply when it is ready.


Kostya said...

OK, RD - will post a reply when I see it.

Short translation to Russian is here:


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