Thursday, March 12, 2009

Teleportation: the only limit is ethical one

For some time I got distracted to other things and wasn't updating this blog, sorry. Today I'm posting my answers to the questions to Mr. Denisov.

Nikolay Denisov and Kostya on online teleportation trainingDear Curtis, thanks for your interest!
Mr Denisov forwarded your questions to me (he speaks English, but doesn't write well in it), so I'll answer them, send a copy for him to see and correct if needed.

1. Yes, Denisov still does training sessions off-line with his Moscow teleportations researchers and students - 3 times a week (come on in - when you happen to come to Moscow). He is ready to begin online training when I will be ready for this (translation and seting up).

2. Many people succeed the first time when they simply follow and instruction. Second time they bring in something of their own and often it doesn't work for them. So they have to spend more time to practice - time after time.

3. Scientists still are not interested. One of the goals in putting our videos online was to get their attention. We haven't gotten to them, but we've received a lot of interest from other people. This is good.

4. Denisov says there's no limit in what one can teleport (size, price, weight). The only limit is the ethical one.

Kostya Kovalenko

From: Curtis W
To: goldray*
Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 7:14 PM
Subject: Teleportation.

Hi! I interested the teleportation you talk about. Can you please answer some Q's for me if you have the time.
  1. Are you still teaching teleportation at all online or off?
  2. How long does it take to learn Teleportation? in watching the teleportation vids it seems a couple of the students were able to get an immediate result (with finding an extra coin they have teleported) does that mean it can be learned that quick?
  3. Has you not had anymore luck trying to prove this to the scientific community? could they surely not devise a proper way to monitor and obsrve his claims so they could be scientifically controlled and verified? have you been able to prove anything at all to any scientists?
  4. Is there a limit to what one can teleport? in theroey if teleportation is possible, whats to stop someone teleporting a piece of Gold bullion from the goverments vaults? this seems ar fetched but if teleportation is possible why should this not also be possible? Is there a limit to the size of something you can teleport?

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