Saturday, June 20, 2009

My life in Moscow

I'm back in Moscow. 2 months in Kiev, Ukraine were great, but I plan to achieve more in Moscow.

We live here in an apartment on 22nd floor. Views from here are amazing!

Ночной вид с балкона на 22 этаже Небо над Москвой (Борисово)

There's a cat that is living here. Our roommate Dasha picked him up on the street. But now he is a decent cat:

рыжий кот Мурзик (Ганс)
«рыжий кот Мурзик (Ганс)» на Яндекс.Фотках

Dasha told us her story. She was going to marry Vasili - a nicest guy. But in September 2008 he fell out of balcony from 12th floor. His neighbor from 10th floor lost her key and asked for his help. As usual he let out a rope and wend down. But this time the rope didn't hold and he fell down. Very sad. But in some way, it's pretty unusual story. Vasili's soul picked and interesting way to go back the the Spiritual world. We gave Dasha to read a book by Michael Newton about life between lives on the Earth. She loved it and want to give to Vasili's mother.

"Living on Love: The Messenger" by Klaus J. Joehle

I will also make Dasha read a book "Living on Love - The Messenger" by Klaus Joehle's. She is going to like it too. Also she wants to come to Boris Zolotov seminar.

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