Thursday, January 15, 2009

Personal teleportation experience report

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From: John Shuman
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Subject: a personal teleportation experience

When I was about 10, I and a friend I only remember as Jojo were walking, exploring a little further from home than we should have been.  At a point in our walk, we came upon a seemingly isolated house and got curious.  We approached the house and at about 15 yards from the porch, a Doberman we hadn't seen lunged at us from under theporch. We turned to run and I focussed on a stop sign at the other end of the street with the thought that that was far enough away fro the dog's territory to satisfy it.  At 2-3 strides, I was suddenly passing the sign.  I turned to check on Jojo and the dog.  The dog had made it about 1/3-1/2 way to Jojo, who was back where I had apparently left him.  I watched as the dog bit him on the hand.  An older kid came out and collected the Doberman.  He talked with Jojo for a few minutes then Jojo came back to me.  It took him about 1-2 minutes to at normal speed walk the estimated 100-125 yards to me beside the stop sign.  When he got to me, I know he asked me something and I made some sort of reply.  I don't remember what the content of the conversation was.  I seemed to be blocking it out and I wanted to "put it aside" to be "normal".  The walk home was a blur and I haven't yet been able to remember what the conversation was.

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 5:00 PM, Nikolay Denisov wrote:

Kostya, this is very interesting message.
Please write him that such events were the main reason I began systematic research into human abilities to teleport himself.
Tell him "thanks!" for this message and ask to report all the instances of spontaneous teleportation.
Please place this message into your English and Russian blogs. The more messages like this we get, the less will become the psychological barrier that feel those who want to learn teleportation.

Denisov N.N.

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John said...

About four months ago I caught the train to Taunton which is in somerset. I got off at the station and started walking. I went through a built up area and remember seeing a dense collection of trees on the horizon. Houses got in the way of my view of these trees but when I came out of the built up area the horizon seemed to have changed. The trees weren't there anymore and instead I thought I could see the sea. I didn't think much of this at the time. I continued walking and more houses came and went as it began to grow dark. I found myself in a town and was feeling scared because there were lots of drunken hooligans around. I approached some police officers and asked where I was. They told me I was in Cheltenham. They asked me where I had come from and couldn't believe me when I said I had walked from Taunton. I later learned that the distance between the two towns is at least eighty miles and yet I got from one to the other in what can't have been much longer than an hour from what I remember. the average walking speed is four miles an hour so it would only be possible for most people to walk such a distance in just over a whole day. To this day, the whole mystery remains unexplained.