Saturday, October 11, 2008

Guys challenge me to tape the teleportation process

My video on teleportation got 8400 views on youtube! Cool!
Here is an exchange - guys tell me to videotape teleportation process. I do reply.

Raging5 (1 month ago)

IT CAN be demonstrated on camera, film someone teleporting without them knowing a camera is their. If you don't in 2 weeks, i'll spill the word to the entire Youtube community that you could not live up to the fair standard of proving to the people something that you claim this guy can teach whilst at the same time asking for their money. PS. do not reply to my inbox, please reply to this comment page.

kostyazen (1 month ago)

What I can say? I like your wording. And it feels that you are taking this thing seriously. Same with me -- it's an amazing thing and I'm helping it with what I can.
So -- I'm not about to do what you ask me to do, but I do appreciate your interest.

Laddyboy101 (1 day ago)

Hello Kostyazen, Raging5 had stated clearly that you should prove this claim by videotaping someone performing teleportation without them knowing a videocamera is apparent(as to not make them nervous), he had given you a set time of 2 weeks before he would expose you to the entire Youtube community for lying, you did not comply, he wants to give you a little more time to prove it and now that time is up to me to set, and i'm giving you 2 weeks. If you do not intend to act, please leave Youtube.

kostyazen (22 hours ago)

Hey, man, thanks for your interest in this thing!
1. making a video of this is not on my goal list. Why? Because then we will go from talking about teleportation to talking about whether that video is real or fake. I'm not interested in this.
2. I want to make teleportation lessons available to those interested.
Those who are not interested will always find new reasons why this will not work.

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