Friday, February 4, 2011

Possibly, Denisov will give seminar in California in February 2011

I've heard from someone that Nikolay Denisov was giving seminar in the States in fall 2010.
I wrote to him - yes, his friend set up a seminar for him there.

Then I got a message from Mexican woman who is going to attend Denisov seminar in California in February 2011. I asked Denisov about it, he said that one can find everything through Hendrix and gave me his email. I will write to him for details.

For now I don't now for sure what kind of seminar it's gonna be. Most likely it's vision with eyes covered.

Overall, my view now is this: teleportation is an exciting thing, but not very practical, unless you learn to teleport yourself.

Hm, I'm going to be in Moscow, Russian this weekend. Would be nice to meet Denisov and chat with him. I'll see...

У Николая Денисова на занятии по телепортации

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